Manage a Cheatsheet with fish, fzf, and awk.

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I maintain a personalized cheat-sheet in a plain-text file with a fish shell script.

The script relies on GNU Awk and fzf.

The script

The code for my script given below:

function cheat -d "Cheatsheet"
  if test -d "$HOME/RESOURCES"
    set file ~/RESOURCES/Lists/cheatsheet.txt
    set file ~/storage/shared/Documents/COMPUTER/RESOURCES/Lists/cheatsheet.txt

  set selected (
  awk '!/^($|#)/' $file | fzf -d ' # ' \
    --header "Cheatsheet" \
    --preview="echo -n {1}" \
    --preview-window="up,25%:wrap:follow" \
    --query=(commandline) \
    --bind="ctrl-y:execute(echo -n {1} | fish_clipboard_copy)+abort" \
    --no-bold +m

  # replace query with selected
  if test $status -eq 0
    commandline -r -- $(echo $selected)

  commandline -f repaint

bind \e\ce cheat

Below is a little segment from the cheatsheet.txt file

exiftool -d /dir/%Y-%m-%d "-directory<CreateDate" ./VID*.{mp4,jpg} # Move photos/videos to directory based on date created

mogrify -strip -quality 75 <image> # Compress image quality to 75%

ffmpeg -i <input> -c copy -an <output> # Remove audio

xrandr --output <connected-display> --brightness 0.5 # Change brightness

sed -E "s|([0-9]{2})/([0-9]{2})/([0-9]{4})|\3-\2-\1|" file # Change date format with sed (dd/mm/yyyy to yyyy-mm-dd)


The script first checks the $HOME directory structure, and assigns a variable for the cheat-sheet file path.

The script uses awk to parse the cheat-sheet file and then pipes the output to fzf.

I bind the script to CTRL-ALT-E for quick execution.


  • awk '!/^($|#)/' ignores all blank lines and lines starting with a ’#‘. This helps me keep the file well formatted and well documented with comments.
  • fzf -d ' # ' separate the command from the inline comment. I include the comments to help search the command, both in the cheat-sheet file and in shell history.


This is a simple script that you can tweak to suit your needs.

The file is available in my dotfiles repo.

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